About Mike Yatsco

Mike Yatsco is a Chicago-based UX/UI Product Designer currently working at Kabir’s Prep, a test prep company. Prior to that, Mike lived in Los Angeles where he freelanced for an array of clients, specializing in e-commerce and e-learning companies.

Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit was born while running his first venture, a small lemonade stand at the end of his grandma’s driveway in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. He was fascinated with the idea of selling something that people wanted and experimented with offering other flavors of lemonade and even snacks. As the days grew hotter, he noticed he was able to charge a little more without slowing down sales. It was here he learned the basic concept of supply and demand – he was addicted.

While not someone who fancies the expression “jack of all trades”, Mike has a diverse background and has exercised his creativity in many forms over the years including working behind the scenes for his high school TV network, a couple internships at Clear Channel Radio that included live remotes, building and producing a live internet radio station, lighting design for the Youngstown Playhouse and his church, DJing, photography, video editing, writing and even singing!

Not much for fashion, you’ll rarely find Mike in the wild wearing anything but a hoodie and jeans (except in the dead of summer of course). When not creating stuff, Mike enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Kristen and their energetic Labs: Sadie, Cooper and Bella (and now Kali the cat). He’s also passionate about traveling, learning new skills, reading, listening to his favorite podcasts, yoga and pondering the meaning of life.